Have a few options - need help

I am in a 12 team PPR need some help at WR/Flex

QB: Rivers (Already started and crushed it), Taylor, Bortles
wr’s: Tate (Already played :frowning: ouch), Landry, Coleman, Davis, Maclin, Adams
RB’s: Gurley, Ajayi, Collins
TE: Engram :frowning:
DST: Philly
K: Gostowski

Currently have Davis and Adams in Flex but have been considering a few things
Maclin: Great matchup and the Ravens might be down so throwing a lot.
Coleman: Played outstanding against the #1 pass def and should have a good game this week
Collins: #1 RB for BAL and should have the guaranteed touches but it is against HOU who has only allowed 1 running td.