Have a keeper question, I need help

12 team ppr league and I know I draft 9th. I can keep either Ezekiel Elliot for a 1st (value since I draft 9th) or keep Jamison Crowder as my last pick(14th). Need Help

Jeeze, Crowder is a steal in the 14th, but it’s hard to deny the raw power of having zeke as yoyr 9th pick. Even eith a suspension. Plus he has keeper value for years to come. I’m keeping zeke and rollin on. Maybe unless he has like a 10 game suspension or something crazy.

Only problem is the league has strict keeper rules, you can only keep a player for 1 year

ah that does change things. i might go for the value then. you know he will produce, doesnt have a suspension looming, and he is essentially free. yeah, i think i switch to crowder.

I still keep Zeke (shameless homer here). Despite whatever punishment they hand down (I think none) he will be a monster this season. Even with Crowder’s value, which is undeniable, he will not put up sure fire numbers like Zeke. You want to roll with him regardless.

Keep the RB1. Crowder is a great value but Zeke can put up top 3 RB points.

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Getting Zeke at 9 is a steal. The value on Crowder is good, but his two year production won’t touch that of Zeke. Just my 2 cents.

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eh i dunno, as the number 3 WR on his team he still put up high WR3 numbers. going off of ESPNs numbers, 200 points. now he will be that number 2 (maybe 1 depending on pryor) so its not crazy to think he will get to the high end WR2 range. which is a michael crabtee (240 points on ESPNs site) so for a free pick getting a high end WR2, im on board with that.

besides, i wouldnt consider zeke a steal at 9, unless i knew for a fact that he wont get suspended. even if he does get suspended though, i do agree so long as it stays at 3 games or less, he would still be a steal. i just like the idea of getting a WR2 for free, and using my 1st rounder on another high end pick. so by pick 9 he will have a WR2, and potentially a WR1 or RB1. i would much rather have that, than zeke and what ever i would get in the 14th. just my humble opinion.

Not a bad position to be in anyway. I think its a bit of a tough sell on Crowder though - that team is stacked with talent and assuming everyone stays healthy a lot of targets are going to Reed and Pryor.

With a potential keeper that will cost you a 1st round pick, the best thing to do is to figure out who you could get at your #9 pick. Figure out which of the teams with picks 1-8 will have a first round keeper. That will let you know whether you will get value at your pick. Will there be any players, such as Bell, who may be a 2nd round keeper due to the suspension or Mile Evans who was a round 2 pick?

Look at what who you will actually be able to pick at #9. Is it Demarco or Ajayi or Howard at RB? Would you rather use that #9 pick on one of those or Zeke? Yes, you have the “value” of a #2 WR for free … but what about your #1?

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yeah i agree on the stacked talent. pryor will get his looks thats for sure. a lot of this will depend on if josh doctson shows up. if he does, and he shows up big, oo man this could be the wrong pick, even for a 14th rounder. but im still confident that crowder gets his looks, and plenty early while pryor and cousins get on the same page. i mean im not saying its for sure the best pick, because hey, who doesnt feel dirty taking crowder over zeke? i just prefer safety. we should know more by tomorrow on zeke too, so my opinion my drastically change as well.

Yea I would say that is a fair assessment. That Washington team scares me. The NFC East is going to be brutal this year.