Have a trade request for Michael Thomas in a dynasty league

A guy in my 8 team dynasty league sent me a trade offering Freeman and Doctson and his 3.02 for my Michale Thomas and my 1.05. I don’t think doctson is near enough of a return for Thomas, let alone the 1.05 he wants. He had Hilton and Diggs which might make me more interested but even receiving Freeman and Hilton/Diggs, would it be worth shipping away Thomas?

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I wouldn’t do it, even if you swapped in Hilton/Diggs… I would maybe consider it If you switched the draft picks (you get his 1st round, he gets your 3rd round) and you got Hilton/Diggs though.

Seems like a steep ask. I’d deny. I like Thomas, went after him this off season and got him (wayyy cheaper than I should have). You will be able to get a good RB back with that 1.05 so I would hold.

Thanks guys! I felt like holding but I have the tendency to overvalue my players so fresh unbiased eyes always help.

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I wouldn’t even discuss it unless I’m getting both of them (Hilton and Diggs)