Have a very difficult lineup question

Juju vs Ten
Corey davis @Pitt
E Sanders vs Cin
…ok fine or Doug Martin @Mia

Need to start one Wr, one Flex. Full Ppr league.

All have have received great targets and volume last week. I’m not sure who will be able to perform for me this week. I have Michael thomas locked at wr1 but he is going against Norman. Is he still a lock?

Thanks guys

I am leaning towards Juju and Sanders given the matchups.


I second the Juju / Sanders…def not Martin


I also lean juju/sanders but Doug could be good against a defense that gave j stew over 100 yards


Yeah I’m worried davis could have a breakout game, juju might eat out of my bell’s plate or even worse, not eat. And I believe in Doug but I think I have better options.

I may go with the aforementioned advice. Thanks guys.