Have I done the right thing?

Hi All

A bit late now as trade has already been agreed but just thought Id see if anyone thought I had done the right thing ?? In a standard league I have traded Lockett and Freeman for Mike Evans , I have DJ Chark on bench I was going to put in team anyway next week so basically a one for one ? Just thought I would take advantage of Evans goose egg ? Even though Lockett been good just think Evans has such a good upside ??

What’s your RB core look like without Freeman now out of interest?

Overall I think it’s a win, he’s had a rough start but Evans leads the league in air yards and he’ll get his before long. Chark and Lockett are a wash at this point so I think you’ve upgraded significantly at WR.

If it’s D Freeman I don’t mind getting away from him, he’s okay ish in PPR as he’s getting dump offs but in standard I would want to get rid to be honest.

Thanks for your answer ! Only have the two other RBs at the moment, will try and pick up another on the waiver wire this week, although two I have are McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook

Perfect, you’re in good shape!

thanks James, appreciate it

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