Have multiple trade offers currently, need advice!

12 team half ppr. 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, flex

My Team:
QB: Wilson
RB: Saquon, Mixon, Lynch, James White, Kerryon
WR: Diggs, John Brown, Baldwin, Hogan, Goodwin, Godwin
TE: Kittle, Njoku (stashed as an emergency after Garropolo injury)

Best QB Available on the wire is Baker or Eli…

Offer 1:
Receive - Big Ben, Bernard
Trade away - Marshawn, Wilson

Offer 2:
Trade away - James White
Receive - Jarvis Landry

Offer 3:
Trade away - Lynch and another piece (hasnt specified who he wants yet, but im guessing white, kerryon, baldwin, or brown)
Receive - Keenan Allen

Trade 1 and 2 have already been offered to me. I was thinking of just risking it and taking both. I’m 0-4 and need production even if it means sacrificing depth. Any injury would ruin my season now.

Trade 3 for Allen is on the fence. guy wanted to sleep on it so i cant count on him. but it is interesting.

I do not think I would take any of these offers…

Offer 1: Bernard is a backup and just a handcuff as it seems Mixon will return this week…I would keep the starting RB over a backup RB… And I believe Russell Wilson will have better weeks ahead of him…

Offer 2: James White is going to be used a lot now that it is just him and Michel in the backfield. Last week he had over 100 yards combined rushing/receiving and 2 TDs…I think there will be many weeks like this in the future and he is a safe play every week… Landry is good and will get volume, but he has a rookie throwing him the ball…Also, I generally don’t like trading away a good RB for a good WR just because the depth at WR is so much deeper than finding good depth at RB…

Offer 3: Like I said in offer 2, I generally don’t like trading good RBs for good WRs because I would rather have the depth at RB… I would think about this offer though…No way would I include White in the deal…But I would consider Lynch/Kerryon for Keenan Allen…
The only problem with this is when you go to look at the waivers to replace that depth at RB, you probably won’t have any good options so I would probably hold on to what I got…

You may be 0-4, but you have a decent looking team…
I would drop Hogan and Goodwin and look for better options on waivers at WR… I would even drop them for a good defense if there is one worth having as a second option…


1st two options make sense so you get Mixons handcuff and Ben will have a huge game against Atlanta.

White and Landry will have similar production as Brady will have another mouth to feed with Edelman returning.

Hang on to Kerryon though…

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Yeah man im leaning this way. I just dont think i can wait on Wilson any longer and the waiver wire is complete fodder for qb’s. i get an immediate upgrade at QB, basically have another running back in Bernard incase something happens to Mixon.

As for white for Landry, im still on the fence about, can Baldwin match the production of Landry? Or can John Brown keep it going and have the same output? because if i trade white… week 9 im pretty much screwed.

my only running back would be Kerryon while Mixon/Gio and Barkley are all on bye. Now… i realize that a month away and if i lose between now and then im screwed anyways and wont make the playoffs. Do i pull the trigger on these trades and hope to plug and play SOMEBODY as a rb2 that week? or stick with my guns and hold white in favor of landry and put faith in my other receivers.

As far as lynch, he is the centerpiece in trade 1 and trade 3. the Allen owner wants him no matter what. IMO the immediate upgrade at QB to keep my season alive is the #1 priority right now.

Thanks for the thoughtful response my dude.

Thanks for taking the time respond thoughtfully and in depth.

as far as offer 1: I have Mixon so basically im handcuffing him as insurance incase Mixon goes down by adding Bernard. I’m getting an “immediate” upgrade at QB with Big Ben and he gets the Falcons decimated D this week while Russel gets the Rams. I like Wilson but i just cant afford another stinker. a loss takes me out of contention pretty much from here on out. as i mentioned, waiver wire qbs are fodder currently. i lost this week by 2 points because wilson pooped in his pants. put up 156 points and lost. true heartbreaker.

just a question about your analysis on white: do you consider him the most valuable back of lynch, kerryon and him? Keep in mind edelman is back, gordon is being phased in, and Michel is looking good. even though its just him and michel in the backfield i feel like the usage could go down or cant be relied on week in and week out. I see your point tho on keeping white, i just am so scared of hoodie and that backfield. BUT assuming im still afloat at week 9 having white and kerryon would be huge as bengals and giants are on the bye. but IMO i gotta make it there first. cant worry about the future at 0-4.

im with you on offer three but that is the only offer that is currently not on the table. and if lynch ends up getting packaged in this deal… i HAVE to roll with wilson as he is the centerpiece in offer 1.