Have no idea who to keep

I have the 6th pick in a keeper league but kind of torn with my options. My options are M. Thomas (2nd), B. Cooks (4th), C. Carson (7th) or Guice (16th). Guice would have been a no brainer but I don’t want to play the AP or Chris Thompson games of who to start. Who do you guys suggest?

How many can you keep?

I think it’s an easy Thomas for me just because you are getting a top guy at the position. I really like Carson and you do get good value there so you could make that argument for sure, his ADP is early 4th I believe.

if you can only keep one, thats tough. carson or MT. MT cause he is a beast, carson cause i think he will be good and is cheap plus is an RB, which to me is the most valuable position in fantasy (if you have a top 24 guy). if its 2 i would take both, if its 3 i would keep all but guice.

Guice is off the table for me. You could argue for any of the other 3 depending on league format. Is this a ppr league? How many starting positions etc

It’s just one keeper. It’s between Thomas and Carson for me as well. I’m leaving Carson because of the value

It’s ppr with 2rbs, 3 wr and a flex