Have one spot open for Waiver. Who to pick?

Choose wisely:

Moore (WR/CAR)
Beasley (WR/DAL)
Smith (WR/NO)
Barber (RB/TB)

Help me guys :slight_smile:

Or even Sutton?

Pushing… :slight_smile:

Sutton 100%. They just traded away thomas

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Yeah, I was just gonna say that Courtland is a definite one to consider with D Thomas now gone, but @cegorelick beat me to it. LOL

But…Courtland is most likely gonna get a nice uptick in targets now.

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Why the hell is beasley on this list. He never has been and never will be worth rostering.

Smith for me.

Just saw D.J. Moore is also available. Shall I cut barber and Amendola for him and Beasley (other dude grabbed Sutton :confused:)

Why are you picking up beasley lol. Beasley is not worth rostering in any format.

Moore is worth a stash.

Sorry, misunderstood your previous answer about Beasley :slight_smile:

beasley is not a great option by any means, but he is certainly roster worthy in a pinch. in my full point ppr league he is averaging 12 ppg, more than Sanu who some people love to praise as some awesome waiver pick up.

Only problem with your statement there is that 12ppg average is incredibly deceiving. He got 34 of those points against JAX. Are you going to sit here and tell me that people are making active decisions to put him into the line up against Jax? I’d be shocked if more than 20% of the people played him that week.

Then after that, he has 2 more weeks where he scored above 10 points in a full ppr. Rest of the weeks are completely trash including 2 finishes below 4 points. That’s not the type of player I carry on my rosters. I’d much rather have a WR3 guy who averages like 8-9 points a game but more consistently. Which is exactly what Sanu is.

Beasley basically gave you 3 usable weeks, 1 of which you probably benched him for. Meanwhile, sanu is giving you 12 points+ in 4/7 games.

yeah Sanu has a higher ceiling due to playing in a high powered offense. he has a higher chance of getting a TD than beasley does. however, he is not one of the main options in said high powered offense, so he can have duds where he only catches 2 passes for 20 yards.

beasley is less likely to score TDs(and still susceptible to duds), but he’s more likely to have what i would call “safe” games, where he can get you a solid 5-7 catches for 50-70 yards. also i think the addition of cooper actually will help open things up in the slot for beasley so i think he will be more consistent moving forward.

so it ends up being a clash of philosophies. do you want to go for the more boom or bust-ish type option or the safer option? both are viable depending on what you think you might need to get the win in a given week.

And Beasley somehow is the top option in the offense? Sanu is actually the #2 WR despite all the noise around Ridley. 2nd in targets and red zone oops and snaps. Also with cooper landing in Dallas, that’s even more issues Beasley has to deal with. He’s probably the 4th option, maybe 3rd option at best.

I’d say sanu has a higher ceiling and a higher floor because like you said, he is on a better offense. There actually isn’t any data to support your claim that somehow Beasley has a better floor. He has 3/7 usable weeks, one of which no one in their right mind would’ve used him going up vs Jax anyway. He got like 50% of his total season production in that one game. How many more of those are you expecting? Sanu has 4/7 weeks of 12+ points and the early busts were when Atlanta sucked and the offense wasn’t even clicking yet. He’s since reestablished himself as a trustworthy target for Ryan.

Don’t even think there’s any clash of philosophies. Beasley is objectively worse in every facet of the game. Worse at red zone production, less targets than sanu, worse offense, worse QB, and deeper in like for opportunities. There is no world where I would want Beasley over sanu unless I’m getting bonus points for not catching the ball.

Not saying either of these guys are studs but sanu is at least a matchup dependent weekly WR3/flex play. Beasley is a desperation flex play at best.