Have to Cut 3

League Info
1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE… etc
6 Bench Spots
Standard Scoring with big play and yardage bonuses

Roster is locked except my WR 3… but I can also always find a serviceable WR 3 on the wire.

We switched to a keeper this year, starting next year we keep our 5 best players (no round restrictions)

If we can always keep our best 5 I want to be in position to keep as many elite RB’s as possible every year moving forward.

  • Roster:

QB - Big Ben
RB - M. Gordon
RB - J . Mixon
WR - D. Adams
WR - J. Landry
WR -
TE - Z. Ertz

3 of the following gotta go… how would you approach the first year of this keeper league?

RB’s - S. Michel, R. Burkhead, C. Hyde, M. Breida, A. Morris, J. Wilkins
WR’s - J. Crowder, R. Woods, J. Doctson, R. Matthews

Let me know what you think.

I think half of your decision comes down to having two RBs on the same team…twice. Michel and Burkhead and Breida and Morris are clogging up your flexibility. I think the New England backfield is always a gamble…I’d try to move or trade Michel or Burkhead. The Breida/Morris thing is a wait and see…I have both too because I lost McKinnon, but I will eventually hold on to one. I need to see week 1 before deciding though. So let go of Wilkins for sure.

As for your WRs I think Crowder and Woods are safest and Doctson and Matthews are more up in the air. So I would let go Doctson and Matthews…but it’s a hard decision.

Appreciate the feedback!

Leaning towards keeping as many RB’s as long as I can to try and acquire elite talent I believe in long term.

There are also 6 IDP starting spots so there are always WR’s on the wire that can give me serviceable WR 3 number every week.

D Parker, T Lockett, DJ Moore, C Godwin, K Golloday, K Cole, G Allison, J Ross, J Washington… all on the wire right now…

I’d personally get rid of Rishard, Woods and Wilkins. This is a tough one with Wilkins probably drawing the start week one. Maybe let Doctson go too since there is so much depth on the waiver wire. It would be easy to pick any of those guys up after week 1. Can see how Wilkins does (carried the ball 27 times in preseason for 2.77 YPC and fumbled on the 1 yard line :frowning: Titans offense doesn’t make me feel like Rishard will have huge games. Woods is in a crowded WR core which could cap some of his potential. Still like Woods a lot but could be a tough start some weeks. Alf is a keeper in standard league format but Breida will probably see more value in PPR format. Best of luck!