Have to draft 3 QBs in 10 team league

I’m new to the footclan (which autocorrects to foot lab lol). This is my second year playing in a league that requires 3 QBs to be drafted. That means the top 30 QBs will be unavailable to stream. How do I factor this into my drafting? Help please.

Welcome! First, I recommend finding a new league at footclanleagues.com. Second, I’m assuming you only need to start 1 of the 3 QB’s, so I would still wait on drafting a QB unless Rodgers falls to the 4th round. Target someone like Matt Stafford around the 8th round. Then fill in the end of your draft with high upside QB picks that don’t take much draft capital like Jameis Winston, Alex Smith or Blake Bortles. Just because you have to draft 3 QB’s doesn’t mean you need to take them early, it just means you are probably missing out on potential sleepers towards the end of the draft.


That’s awesome. Helps me feel like all the info online and the pods is still very relevant. But this gives a bit of direction about when to look out to start jumping. Tier near Stafford. Cheers.

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