Have to drop 2 for defense and kicker

Standard scoring. Have to drop 2 of the following:

John Brown
Keelan Cole
Mike williams
Kenny Golliday

Or i could try and drop 1 and forgo defense a few weeks. Rest of team is solid.

That is a tough decision. I’m pretty much in the same boat. Maybe try doing some package deal trades to make room? If your league is like mine though nobody does trades so if I had to choose probably Cole and Golladay. I think brown will be the clear #1 in Baltimore and I also think Williams scores more TDs then the other guys. Just my opinion. Hope it helps.

That group makes me say, “who knows?“ You could almost throw darts at those names come up with the best or worst decision. Or you could drive yourself insane trying to think it through. But… Here’s my attempt at thinking it through:

Throw darts.

Just kidding.

I think if I had a strong group of starting receivers, I’d hang on to Sutton. He seems like he could bloom.

I like Cole, too. Keep him, especially with Lee out. He’s gonna be busy.

My starters are Arob, goodwin, sanders. Also have will fuller. I went heavy RB in draft. Ill try to package trade but other players likely wont appreciate the potential value in these guys. My initial inclination is to wait until next weekend and see what happens.

Sheesh…I could’ve sworn you wrote that Cortland Sutton was one of the four guys. Forgive me. I would also keep Cole and Golladay. Good luck!

I’d drop brown and golladay. I think Williams and Cole have the best upside. Cole without a doubt. If you aren’t sold on Williams, I’d keep Brown and drop Williams.

I have Gordon and Fournette at RB to further complicate. I think I am keepin Cole for sure even though on jags too.

that is hard, I don’t know who I would drop. I guess Brown and Golladay. Cole will be the first look in Jax, Chargers said they are going to use WIlliams in the Red zone and apparently Flacco looks at Brown a lot more then the other WR’s.

I think ill drop or trade Brown due to injury history and qb play. Not sure about others.