Have to drop one rite now! Please help!

Have to pick eckler up Incase Gordon don’t play. My bench
Brees( starting dalton)
Geronimo Allison
Ito smith
J brown
My starters are Gordon, Sony, Hopkins, diggs, k Allen and Josh Gordon

I’m oddly almost in the same exact position. Unfortnately it feels like Geronimo to me. I’m thinking maybe I can scoop him bzck up after the weekend

I would drop Dalton and start Brees, but if you want to keep 2 QBs, I would drop Allison based on your receiver depth.

Thanx guys, I feel the same. I have to drop Geronimo. Gordon has bees dropped to doubtful. I I want to keep dalton. He has a great schedule and I think brees falls off Until the playoffs, he does have a great playoff schedule