Have to Drop someon but can't decide

One of my teams in a 10 team full PPR league is in a weird spot. Sleeper let Fuller go to IR while he was suspended, but I have to activate him this coming week. I’m not sure who to drop for him though. Ideally I’m searching for a trade package to upgrade receiver and open a spot, but if I can’t, who do I drop? My roster is below. Thanks Footclan!

QB: Brady
RB: Kamara, CEH
WR: Evans, Kupp
TE: Waller
Flex: Aiyuk, Landry
K: Sanders
Def: Baltimore

Jalen Hurts
Jamaal Williams
Ty’son Williams
Trey Sermon
Darnell Mooney

Will Fuller

If you can’t find a 2 for 1 trade I probably would drop Mooney or Fuller …

RB’s are getting injured alot so might hang on to those for now.

There’d be a good chance I’d just drop Fuller–but short of that, Ty’Son Williams probly has the darkest long-term prospects.