Have we been sleeping on Robert Foster?

Only one dud in 4 games since the Bills started using him. Benjamin now gone. I know lots of people said Jones was a decent play this week, but virtually nobody wants a 2nd WR for the Bills.

Do we have to reconsider and put him on the flex radar?

Cause he’s on the bills

Production is production.

I’m not buying anything dependent on Josh Rosen/Allen, Darnold, or the butt fumbler/dirty sanchez

Allens been a fantasy stud for month. I understand hesitation, but you can’t deny the rushing.

True. I ain’t starting him though or any fantasy piece linked to him. But I’m fortunate to be in a position where I won’t have to

Yeah. You aren’t starting him over certain guys but I try to look at trends even if they won’t affect me.

Do you really want to put your fate in the hands of josh Allen? I sure as hell don’t. He very well could continue this trend. But he could also revert to how he’s played earlier in the year. A 3 game sample size isn’t large enough to conclude that he won’t. Especially since those have been the jags (who have been awful on defense), Miami, and the Jets

There are some teams somewhere in the playoffs that have had to plug in guys like Lamar and Allen. It’s not ideal. I’m not benching Luck or anyone like that to play them but I think that if you have QBs putting up those kind of rushing numbers it can’t be ignored. Terrible qbs that can run like that can consistently put up great fantasy stats. It’s been proven time and time again. I would much rather have either of them over someone like Dak, maybe even Baker, who didn’t light the world on fire today.