Have Wilson and Watson...what to do?

I have both Watson and Wilson and was thinking about trying to trade one to help my roster. Which one? Playoffs are week 14-17 so both would be great to play matchups. I am 6-2 but have got lucky on weeks. Guys are very stingy on trades in the league and hold onto guys like gold bricks unless they think they are getting the better of the deal.

Thanks for your help! Good luck this year!

Current roster is
QB: Wilson, Watson
RB: D Freeman, D Martin, J Ajayi, RKelly, D Woodhead, J Rodgers
WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, G Tate, D Parker, JuJu,
TE: Brate

10 team PPR

Package which over QB you don’t want with either tate or TY for a higher quality WR or a WR1 a lot of people will trade TY based off his name

Ok I will try. I have been trying to move Hilton for a couple weeks with no luck though. Would you target someone that might miss the playoffs? I would hate to play against Watson when he plays SF in the first week of playoffs.

i would look at both playoff schedules and see who you like more and honestly you could hold on to both of them if you really wanted

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You could use some depth at RB or WR…
If you can strike gold and get a solid WR1 or RB1 Then trade one away.

I think brate is a good TE but if you could get gronk or Ertz and a flex piece for one of your QBs I might do that as well.

If not sometimes a good defense is a good offence and what I mean by that is if you have 2 of the top 3 QBS in the league that’s fine as you prevent someone else from having a better team.

Have you tried targeting the teams who are looking like they’ll make playoffs, and have bad or not so great QBs? As the owner of a team who has been streaming QBs each week, getting Watson or Wilson would be very appealing- and of course package with someone like TY or Tate. I think you’re lighter on WRs than RBs- you could even try packaging JuJu with a QB to see if you can get a better grade WR.

Both QBs will be awesome rest of season- I don’t think it really matters who you trade so see who you can get the best offer for. There may be more doubt with Watson just because he’s a rookie and Wilson has a longer history, so maybe try selling Wilson first.

Well that made the decision easy! Should have moved last night. Now just what to do in week one of the Playoffs with Wilson playing the Jags in Jacksonville.
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You play him…

They talked about this on the podcast today…

It’s not great but he is a stud and you have to play him… And also the jags have been a great defense but haven’t played against great QBs

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