Having a hard time deciding on J. Brown or Baldwin this weekend

Any thoughts or advice? It’s .5 PPR, 12 teams.

I benched Brown at the last possible minute last week and lost by 17. He scored nineteen. I really like Baldwin but feel like Brown and Flacco have a good thing going so I’m torn.

Baldwin for me.

Brown and Flacco def do have a good thing going. Cleveland’s D is criminally underated though. Can’t blame last week on them. Offense turned the ball over 4 times and their special teams is straight trash.

That’s where I keep leaning but I keep trying to talk myself out of it. I just need to get that dub because I’m 1-3 and going against a 4-0 team so I don’t want to leave points on my bench.

I should definitely go with Mixon/Michel in my flex spot over Brown, right?

This is so close for me.

But if I had to choose one, I’d lean Baldwin.

Honestly though, I’d rather have them both on my bench and find someone else to play, lol.

I’m starting both mixon and Michel for sure. Michel this week is a must start for me personally against the colts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any receivers that I love. I have T. Hill going and hoping he can break off a big play. I have been trying to make a trade to upgrade my receiving corp but my league apparently does but believe in trading. I can’t get haha the people in my league to even talk trades. Next season I plan on getting into a more involved league as this is the first year I’ve participated.

Who are your other available players?

Not shit on the receiving end. I picked up Coutee today, have D-Jax on bye and Sanu.

Sanu looks good this week.

Even Keke looks like a decent play.

Someone’s gonna have to come in here and tell you how much of an idiot I am, but I honestly like those two over Brown or Baldwin this week.

Well, Baldwin was changed to questionable so I may go with Brown anyway. Luckily, I got Michel in the lineup so I don’t have to stress until this weekend. Thanks for the input and suggestions. I do like Sanu’s matchup as well.