Having a trade issue

So in my league it’s standard 10 man format. I traded away Fortunett/Conner for Zeke. One guy had a issue with it cause I have Kamara, Mixon, Hill Fitz, and Robinson, I’m commisher and my co commisher both felt this trade was fair. Now another trade tried to go down it was Fourtnette/Gordon for Diggs/Freeman. The guy receiving Fourtnette has Barkjley & cooks so me and my commisher veto’d it… now both players are mad at me for vetoing when they think my trade was unfair. Did I do the right thing?

You should not be vetoing any trade based on what you think is fair. That is the stupidest thing ever.

Your own trade wasn’t even really fair, pretty lopsided in favor of you who received Zeke. For you to turn around and then veto another trade, is ridiculous unless you think there is collusion involved.

Only time a trade should be veto’d is when there is collusion. People make bad trades all the time, doesn’t mean they should be veto’d.

Any league that actually has veto’s based on subjective “fairness” is stupid. Personally, if I was in your league and that happened, I’d just leave the league.

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your 100% right, i let the trade go through.

Trades should only be vetoed because of collusion. Last year my league vetoed my trade where I looked like the clear winner and would have had a “super team”. Those players I would have traded for got injured. The players I kept were studs for the rest of the year (Kamara before he emerged, Gronk and AJG). I made the championship and the other guy barely lost to me in the playoffs (where my 3 guys involved in the trade went off).

Yeah, I dodged a bullet there, but the moral of the story is you never know who the winner of the trade will be until the season is done. My trade should have went through. No matter how “unfair” the trade is it should pass unless its clear collusion.