Having a very tough decision

So on paper this trade is a slam dunk going into the playoffs but I’m worried about other factors. I have been clearing out some of my depth and upgrading my positions. I am faced with a decision.

My running backs currently are Hunt, Mixon, Elliott, and Jones.

I’d be trading Cousins, Mixon, and Jones for James Conner and Cam but then I would be stuck with absolutely zero depth at RB position basically because I plan on playing all three weekly. Obviously I will have extremely great players but how much should I consider having that extra guy like Jones sitting on my bench if something happens injury related. Trying to win my first #footclantitle and while I want to risk it all for the win I’m also hesitant to be SOL if something bad were to happen.

Thank you guys. Hope the best in your leagues as well.

If you’re worried then grab either Ware, Rod Smith to cover Hunt and Zeke otherwise this trade is too good to worry about having Jones on the bench. You’d be starting Hunt, Zeke, Conner and Cam in the playoffs that’s an incredible advantage to have them all as a core. Conner is worth the upgrade over Mixon and Jones for sure. Just wait until tomorrow to accept this just in case something unforeseen happens with Bell (i know) and get that first injury report on Conner regarding his concussion.