Hayden Hurst or Eric Ebron in dynasty?

Who would you rather have in a PPR dynasty league? Ebron is an athletic freak but was unproductive with the Lions and had drop issues. He’s on a new team, new system, but potentially an incredible QB. Jack Doyle is still there so it needs to be seen who they will be starting.

Now Hayden Hurst was the first TE off the board this year and was very productive in his two years as a TE in college. He’s older but was a pro baseball player before so arguably he already has the “mentality”. He’s extremely physical and has crazy sticky hands. He only has one drop out of 100 catches. He seems like the surefire starter in Baltimore and Flaco is known to favor the TE significantly and with Lamar eventually coming in, he could be a safety blanket.

What do you think?

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Ebron has the upside whereas Hurst has the floor (debatable if you don’t think he’s the starter). What does your squad need at this position?

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Currently my other TE is Engram

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I think i go Hurst here as you have Engram anyway. I think he’s the guy there and as you say Flacco likes a TE to throw to and if/when Jackson comes in he will be that middle of the field security blanket.

Ebron has upside but i don’t think enough for me to want to take the inevitable bust weeks when Doyle gets the majority of the targets

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What’s odd, here, is that Hurst is the rookie but Ebron is younger! In terms of that dynamic, I’d almost favor Ebron for at least having NFL experience. I love his situation and really think he could breakout on the Colts. Especially if Luck is healthy. Close call either way, but I’d take Ebron.

Actually Hurst is younger by about 6 months but I get what you’re saying. I’m less concerned about the age, since TEs have longevity closer to WRs than RBs.

I’ll take Ebron. He’s been a bust so far but talent is there if he can figure out the drops. And I’ll take Luck long term over 1 year flacco / maybe Jackson? all day