Hayden Hurst Was Dropped This Morning - FAAB Spend?

Hello Footclan.

This is the first year of our dynasty league, so I do not have a good feel for how to value FAAB. We have 12 teams and 30-man rosters, so the waiver wire is really sparse.

I feel like I should spend all of my FAAB to make sure I lock up H. Hurst, because players with that much upside/potential just don’t show up on the waivers. For those of you that have played in a dynasty league with FAAB, is this what you would do? I feel like most owners are going to end the year with most of their FAAB left because they are hesitant to spend.

Is this a FAAB unicorn?

It could be. You’re right, there is rarely anything on waivers to spend FAAB on. Might as well go after it, but i do have reservations being that he is a TE and that position is a risky proposition. There are generally 2-3 at the top then everyone else. If you’re confident in him going forward i say secure him.