He dropped Rashad Penny

With the news that Royce Freeman isn’t starting, a league-mate dropped Penny and picked up Booker.
We have a limited five bench-spots. I’m currently stashing Corey Davis, Jamison Crowder, Marlon Mack, Mike Williams, and Corey Clement (Ajayi is my flex).

Is it worth dropping somebody to pick-up Penny? Not super thrilled about dropping Clement with Ajayi still Questionable. Maybe Mack, though? Feels like they fill that same “hold 'em for a few weeks and see what pans out” position…

I’d drop Clement for Penny in a heart beat.

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Guys I would drop for Penny:

Every person on your bench except Corey Davis.

FAAB I would pay for Penny:

Everything I had.

I think that’s a bit too aggressive, I think he genuinely is the backup, but I’d definitely try to get him.

I think the talent gap is pretty big between Carson and him. The one thing that has got me worried as of late, is the fact he put on 15 lbs since combine. That is an insane amount of weight to handle on his joints etc.

But dropping Clement for him is an ez decision.

I didn’t see Marlon mack there so I’d prolly keep marlon mack over him as well.

I think there’s a gap in athleticism. Not quite the same thing. Carson looks like a much better runner right now.

I haven’t seen enough from either, to actually change my mind from what I saw in college. And from before, the talent gap is pretty evident to me as a runner. Not just athleticism.

Yes drop Clement.

Pick up penny.

But no don’t spend all your FAAB… Spend maybe 25% if you feel like waivers are watched alot of any teams have anyone they would want to drop. If not spend less and pick him up

Yeah, I dig it. It’s no FAAB, so no worries there. My main concern was really just for week one, and the idea that if Ajayi doesn’t play, Clements is the better Flex spot. Long-term, too, depending on how long he’s out for.

You guys convinced me, though. Will put in the claim. Can always plug Davis in the flex, if need be.

Ajayi will play week 1. Clement is a handcuff.

drop marlon mack right now. colts O line will not get him any holes. also christine michael/robert turbin will out rush mack

lol. This may be the funniest post I’ve seen all season.

It’s early, they’re still trying to find how that line will gel. Nelson is an absolute beast. Whoever gets the job there, will put up production. Not elite production obv, but you’re talking about players to drop. I wouldn’t drop mack just yet.

I’d also drop Clement for Penny. No need to handcuff Ajayi if he’s only your flex

i would drop any of them for penny, but my list would go…


mack or clement for sure need to get the axe for that. clement for the reason you mentioned should probably stay. so i would drop mack in a heartbeat. maybe crowder instead if i want to keep some more depth with potential at RB.