Head v gut v analyst

Bit of an open discussion, but have you got any brilliant or frustrating stories to tell when trying to decide on picking a player/trade/team selection?

My positive is getting Kareem hunt when noone knew much about him.
my negative is dropping kamara to the waivers early on in the season.
I also seem to take some advice and it blows up in my face when my gut would have been better. The 2 out of 3 weeks I didn’t play Will Fuller.

Ugh, I traded Kamara away right before he blew up and I regret it so much. Thought I was just trading away a decent RB and did it because I had depth and didn’t realize I was trading away an RB1…

I’ve definitely had a hard time listening to my gut vs. expert rankings, especially as of late. Lost my game last week because I decided to start Clay, even though I knew I needed a ton of upside. Had really been going back and forth on taking a gamble on Marcedes Lewis because Cleveland always gives up TDs, and decided not to do it. Would’ve won if I streamed him…

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My gut told my to keep Devonte Adams and DeAndre Hopkins, but the week after Watson went down I traded both. I hate that I caved into popular opinion.

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I have a brilliant blunder I would like to share with a…

Pre Draft season I had gone through the player rankings and shifted them a bit while also deleting a good amount of players that I didn’t like, mostly rookies, including Kareem, and had completely forgotten about it. Two months later at the DRAFT I come to discover my rankings were not only whacky but missing players that were on my draft kit. It was too late to reset them or change it so I had to deal with it…I ended up drafting Russel Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Adam Theilen and the Jaguars D. It helped me withstand the loss of David Johnson :disappointed_relieved: and drafting Tyrell Pryor in the 3rd round.

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Feel your pain
I got 1st pick in my 1st ever FF season (which is this one) and got a few silly offers for him straight away and I rejected them all (should have left them in) and then DJ gets injured straight away and I’ve been struggling in 2nd ever since

I have major gut v analyst issues today. Do I pick Perine or Lewis on week 12?

My gut said draft Kamara in the next to last round (I’m a diehard TN fan), but I went with my head WR White for the Chicago Bears. The very next pick, a fellow Vol, picked Kamara and I haven’t been able to trade for him. White broke a bone and was ruled out for the season week 1.

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I had to check to see if you were someone in my league because he also got Hunt in the draft and also dropped Kamara early on (I’ve had him and have been riding him and Ingram ever since). He also had Fuller until he traded him away.

When it comes to start/sit questions, I tend to consult a lot of rankings, but there is so much group-think and rankings don’t change all that much week to week. I like to listen to game analysis, try to figure out the most likely game flow, and then see who has the best possibilities. Someone had dropped DeMarco Murray a few weeks in and I picked him up and never played him. Most weeks that was a good thing, but finally 2 weeks ago he wasn’t on the injury report and on a complete whim I plugged him in at the last minute and he had 3 TDs.

One thing I’ve noticed is that by the end of the season I feel a lot more confident in my decisions because I know my players and in what situations they can be counted on. If there was an easy way to check this I would do it, but I have a strong feeling that in my league my lineup is closest to the best possible lineup than anyone else’s. In my last league I played in there was a way to check it and I finished first out of 16 in best lineup decisions.

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I just got Lewis this week and yesterday read this article. I think you’ll want to read it too.

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Thanks @ukridge I am currently considering dropping Howard to play Lewis and Perine. My other RB is Hunt.

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Drop someone else, don’t let someone beat you with Howard.