Heading into rd 2 of the playoffs up 63 pts and taking nothing for granted. Help with lineup please

I don’t take big leads like this for granted at all and was really disappointed with Ekeler and Ware’s output last week, I could be up close to 100 pts with better games from them. My opponent has Rivers, Gurley, James White, Thielen, Michael Thomas and Kenmy G as his top players so he can easily make up ground.

I’m not certain on Ekeler remaining at flex but his matchup is so good at home against Cincy and I think he bounces back this week. I also have Melvin Gordon and need to drop a player to move him up from IR. If he plays this week, then it’s a no brainer, Gordon in, Ekeler out. I want to play Fournette but I hate the luck I seem to have with Thursday games, not to mention, Tennessee has been really good against the run. Fournette IS the offense for the Jags, so I feel like I might be making a mistake not having him in over either, Ekeler or DJ. Arizona losing Kirk SHOULD inspire more use out of DJ in the passing game and even with “Snacks” the lions still aren’t stopping the run. Buffalo at home against the Jets seems like the play at defense but I also really like the Chargers at home against a sputtering AJ and Andyless Bengals. Gotta get it right this week and I’m in the Championship (2 rounds week 15 and 16). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Like your lineup. If I i absolutely had to make a change I would put Ware ahead of Eckler. They are about the same but in my league I’m doing that very thing. Either way you look good this week. Good luck

Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to mention this is a full pt ppr league. Interesting call with ware against the Ravens. It is at Arrowhead and maybe KC benefits for the advance notice this week that they wont be playing with their probowl tailback. Still I feel like if I remove Ekeler that Fournette is the play. I do think Ware is better than what he showed against Oakland though.

Yes sir I take that back. I forgot Fournette suspension was just one game. I would definitely put him in over those guys. Good call sir. Only reason I thought Ware was because I feel KC will go up and need to run and use up the clock but you’re correct. Fournette is the play here

What a team…it reminds me of…well Me!!! But I think you should play Fournette. With the uncertainty of Ekeler and Ware you have to play Fournette. You didn’t draft Fournette to sit him if he is healthy. I’m in the same situation with Ekeler and Ware as Gordon is out. I only wish I had Fournette to make the decision easier. Don’t worry about projections or matchup. Fournette will get his. Stop overthinking it.

I hear you. I’m by no means set on Ekeler but really like his matchup and imagine he’s eager to remind his teammates (especially Justin Jackson) that he is the RB2 on that roster (when 28 is healthy of course). You’re right about Fournette and I did draft him, so I’ve been waiting all year. In addition to losing Gordon and Fournette last week, I also was a Hunt owner, hahaha. I didn’t envision going into rd1 down my top 3 backs. So it really is that simple right? Fournette>Ekeler despite matchup?

Oh and thanks for the compliment. I drafted well and made some fruitful trades to assemble this roster and outscored the next closest team by nearly 400 pts on the season as a result. That epic collapse is always possible though hahaha.

The only thing I want to add here is that you’re playing BUF this week. I have BUF as well, and have played them the past 3 weeks, even tho they haven’t been mentioned in most of the comments here. They’ve made statements these past weeks.

I also went in and picked up DEN last week for their ROS outlook. Currently have BUF starting vs Jets, but desperately trying to decide whether to plug in DEN vs SF. Seriously thinking about keeping BUF starting. BUT…WOW…really going back and forth over this one!!! :thinking:

BUF vs NYJ. San Fran has alil more offense in my eyes.

Thanks for the imput @swamper202001. Appreciate it. And @LT21…sorry…hope you don’t feel like I partially hijacked your post.

All good. All useful banter for forum members is good banter.

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@LT21. You’ve got a GREAT attitude. Thank you buddy. :handshake:

No problem. This is a crucial time for all of us in our leagues. Any extra edge this forum provides us is welcome in my opinion.

Here is my lineup adjusted to start Fournette. This is the right play correct? I just really hate Thursday games, my players always seem to flop on Thursday nights. Ekeler shouldn’t even be a consideration against a healthy Fournette is what I keep telling myself. But that cincy d is so appealing especially with Ekelers typically heavy role in the passing game. Tennessee has been so unpredictable and I worry that they “show up” in this game at home. Just really don’t wanna screw this up.