Heading to the finals, now what?

Heading to the finals and feeling good.

Now the question is, I have 1 waiver claim left, what to do,

QB: Mahomes and Big Ben
RB: DJ and Lindsay
WR Woods, Golladay, Sutton and Curtis Samuel
TE: Kittle
Other RB: Adams, dixon and Justin Jackson
DST: Bears and Broncos
Kicker: Maher.

I have 1 acquisition left (league limit), and 10th waiver priotiry :frowning_face: What should my priority be. Blue or similiar upside RB? or high upside wr?

Keeping a possible defence play away from your final opponent maybe?
There’s probably not any players left on waivers that would play for you at this stage is there

mcguire still is. I have a claim in for him dumping jackson.
opponent has jags. he’s set.

trolling your opponent is an option

I wish I had a way to do it. His team is a juggernaut. when i said i was “feeling good” i meant i felt good about winning my semi. My team is chalked full of brutal matchups.

I just worry about Adams workload and ability to run on the texans.