Hear me out!

Just think of this. Going against the grain and stacking Allen with Foster at home field vs Detroit? Slay with most likely get Jones which will free up Foster, he looks good compared to Jones. Allen is not a great passer but he threw to Foster last game. I have Allen, thats why I am throwing this out there.

I think i would still start allen, if you have another qb who is projected to do dick all.

i think you are chasing with foster here. buffalo pass catchers are like the jags’. who knows week to week.

What are your other options? I think folks have been sleeping on Foster. He’s proven to be a solid flex play 4 of the last 5. I can think of a lot of worse options being played but I wouldn’t get crazy and bench a stud for him.

I would totally do this experiment in the middle of the season but not in the playoffs way too risky. Im still starting Allen, I had to drop Wentz and I dropped Cousins because he is awful. Josh Johnson is intriguing, he looked pretty solid but again that was his first game, ever lol. Keenum might explode too, think he is getting on track with the rookies.