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Heartbreakers, let it all out


Who in your roster has made you cry, week in, week out.

So far, demaryus thomas and Ty hilton make me sad. Dropped Thomas to the waivers for will fuller and I’m a little happier


Jimmy frickon Graham and the TE position as a whole-Lost by seven a couple weeks ago and gonna get beat again by that probably-I pray Allshon Jefferey has a 2 catch 20 game-Im gonna be 5 and 2 but with some good TE play I’d be undefeated so far!!! At least my Cowboys won-I love fantasy football!!


No. It was an expected possible outcome with that match up with Hayward. Maybe not as bad as it ended up being, but certainly not droppable.


I wouldn’t have dropped him but that’s just my opinion-


Should I drop Garçon for Sanu?


I’d rather have Garcon on a volume standpoint and I don’t get what’s going on in Atlanta. Sure San Francisco isn’t doing great either, but major part of this offense.

Though he does have some value, if you want to package him in a trade, and get Sanu who probably shouldn’t be on the waiver depending on the league.


Sanu is available as nobody wants to trade-I just watch people drop players etc on there bye weeks and I snatchem up-Got Seattle off waivers this week and should of got Jacksonville but didn’t wanna mess with there bye next week-gonna drop Reed if he doesn’t play well tomorrow-


That isn’t any fun. No trading. Don’t you hate that?


Its almost like they are afraid to trade with me cause I’ve been winning-smh


I still can’t believe Jimmy Graham’s drops etc! And his
lack of production-He is gonna go off here soon and I can’t wait!!


My league has only just started trading. All I hear is “if you don’t want him, out him on waivers”

Yeah, ok


It’s gotta be Jay Ajayi for me. I’m about ready to trade him, I have had enough.


I second this Ajayi has been so frustrating!


It’s my 7-0 team - 4 WRs (Fitz, Jordy, Kelvin Benjamin, and Mike Evans) with two of them losing their starting QBs and their value basically plummeting.


I got Thomas and Fuller. I was hoping Thomas would have a decent game this week but he has been a fantasy bust. I like Fuller to keep getting targets and Watson feeding him the ball. Of course his TD production is gonna go down but he is a WR2 to me most weeks. I just do not see why these analyst have not faith he can be a every week plug in especially after their bye.


Drafted Jordan Reed and Isaiah Crowell…


Matt Ryan…that is all


The only two that I STILL have that make me want to “hurt” them (LOL) most weeks are DeMarco Murray and Kyle Rudolph. They were both towards the top of my Draft picks. Murray is “UNDROPPABLE” in my league, and since TE’s haven’t been real helpful for most people this year, I’ve been a little hesitant to drop Rudolph and have kept him pretty much just for BYE’s and emergency backup in case of injury.

All the rest of the “headaches” I finally had to get rid of after going 1-4. (Terelle Pryor, Terrence West, Gollady, Higgins and Hooper…to name a few). LOL…what a mess!!!


My receivers make me cry. All the potential in the world, I should have been stacked. But we lost Odell for the year, Diggs can’t stay on the field, it’s looking like TY will be without Luck for the year, and Jordy has lost Rodgers.


I feel your pain!!! I dropped Rudolph for J Reed thinking of pairing him with Jimmy Graham-Had it all figured out byes etc-NOPE!!!