HELP - 0-4 - don't know how to right the ship

I’m completely lost on how to right this ship. I know part of my issue is having the most points against, people have their best weeks against me it seems, but I’m 0-4 and need a win fast. Not sure what roster moves to make, if any.

QBS - Watson, Burrow
TE - Hunter Henry
RBs - Mixon, D. Johnson, Mostert, Kelley, Gaskin
WRs - Julio, Kenny G, Diggs, Harry, Renfrow
K - Blankenship

You have a good team. I’m sure you’ve had close points in your losses (hopefully). I may think about selling high on Mixon right now to get another RB1 or WR1. He has the most value.

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I agree with suntan. I would see what you could get for Julio on that trade too. Dont sell low though, I would want a fringe WR or RB 1/2.