Help 1-3 team

I am 1-3 right now I have bell and Connor guy offered me Robert woods and Jordan Howard. Do I take this trade. My other back is Peterson and Collins. WR Keenan Allen, DT, and Amari Cooper

So robert woods and howard for connor and bell?

I think the other guy already has Conner. So it would be Robert Woods and Howard for Bell (is what I’m gathering).

I would probably do this trade if I were you. Jordan Howard is an obvious upgrade over a Bell that is not playing and Woods is a better player than DT and Cooper (unless Cooper wakes up and can gain some consistency). I don’t necessarily like the trade because you are technically losing the trade in the long run, but being 1-3 you gotta do something to win now. Come week 8/9 when Bell is back you may already be out of playoff hunt.

May not hurt to let the league know Bell is available and see if you can get a better trade offer though.

Yes Connor and bell

Just got another offer. Mixon for bell only

bell comes back week 8. mixon for bell is better but bell is a 20 point guy every week. if you cant make it to week 8 i mean go for it. but try and ride it out.

I wouldn’t do Mixon for Bell. Mixon most likely isn’t playing this week and is no guarantee for next week either. So you basically are trading Mixon for Bell to get him for Weeks 6 and 7 at best. Bell is too valuable to ship off for a two week gap fill until Bell would be back.