HELP! 2 keeper RD league, 2 flex, 10 team, 4th pick, .5 ppr

Leaning towards keeping 2 WR in late rounds for insane value, but I have options. Any input would be appreciated!

Eckler - 4
Montgomery -5
Damien Harris - 9
Godwin - 10
Henderson - 10
Claypool - 15
Tee Higgins - 17

You got Godwin in the 10th? As in Chris Godwin? Thats a gimmie. Id personally take him and Ekeler due to scarcity at the RB position.

I’d agree with WG7. Good value with Eckler and Godwin.

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Godwin is a lock. I’m tempted to take Claypool to just have 2 Great WRs to start, but you are right about Eckler. I don’t know who everyone else is taking so the RB pool might be very thin. Thanks!