Help a baller out

Hey footclan, I’m wondering if y’all would make this trade in a 12 team 1/2 PPR dynasty league. I’m the DJ Moore owner and was just offered Chase Claypool and a 2022 1st round pick for him. Do you think that’s a good value to get for Moore? Let me know your thoughts.

If it waa me, i think i would take it. They are close in value i think. Pit is a bit more crowded maybe. With moore you are getting a younger qb in Darnold, but we really dont know how that will pan out. Big Ben is prbly really close to done so that is also a shaky qb situation.
But ultimately i feel they are close enough in value that with the added 1st puts upside in your advantage.
But no expert here.

Assuming not Superflex. I think you’re getting plenty of value there and it’s worth doing if you have enough WR depth. Claypool seems like he’s going to be a matchup play this year and then might get more target share without Juju the following year (but with a ? at QB). If you’re being forced into Claypool as an every week starter and you’re not in rebuild mode, then it’s more of a gamble.

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