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Ok I’m new to dynasty so I joined a basic 1 qb league but I also wanted a challenge and joined a league with these starting lineup req’s: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 2te, 3 flex, 1 sf. Scoring is ppr with .25 RB bonus and 1 point te bonus per reception.
So my question is how does ADP change? What would first 2 rounds possibly look like with 12 teams? Will TE’s go off board right away?

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4 point passing td as well which makes a difference.

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I’m assuming the 1 SF is SuperFlex, which essentially makes this a 2 QB league. You’ll want to make sure you get a good QB early (probalby first or second round). TE will probably go off the board earlier, but given that there are so few actual good ones I would say if you aren’t in a position to grab a stud don’t overdraft them



I agree with @capesius15 except that SF is actually a big difference from 2QB. It might not seem it, but having to start 2 QB versus you could start two really alters how teams approach QB position in a draft. They fly off the board way faster in start 2 and you cannot wait. In SF, you can draft a stud and then play other studs from different positions in that second spot since QB/RB/WR/TE positions are valid there. It is a small alteration of wording but it is huge if you go into a 2QB league.

While this league has a boost at TE, you really need to get closer to the 1.75/2PPR for it to definitely matter. Do not feel like you have to force the position beyond Kittle / Kelce / Waller (?). I like Hock / MAndrews but they’re not yet locks for me. Pitts I’ll let someone else go after. I am intrigued but not at this price point. IMHO it’s too high for a rookie at arguably the toughest FF offensive spot to learn. If he hits then awesome, but I’ll take Hock / MAndrews at a steep discount and know that would be fantastic. I’m hoping Pitts hits their levels, and if he passes them then someone got a great deal. We’ve seen it from these guys and I’d rather bank on that. Just my two cents.

I would probably go TE / QB early in this to lock in those positions, and with 4pt passing you’ll want to jump early on a running QB over a passing QB. Then I’d hammer RB and if a TE slipped (unlikely) grab them. For TE I think once you clear Hockensen (TE 5/6) you are probably better waiting and grabbing a few later darts. I’d definitely fade WR at the top of the draft. That position is so deep comparatively that you can get starter level players from the 6-12 rounds.

In typical SF drafts with a TE kick, I like the top 6 rounds going some combination of 1-2QB / 1-2 TE / 2-4RB. OBV watch your board and stay flexible. Even with my above statement, a falling WR or lingering value at TE will filter in.

One thing to consider is trading back. I’d like to keep my 1st for QB but if you are drafting late there might not be stellar options. If you could punt your first 2 rounds to pick up 4 picks or more in the 3-5 rounds you increase your odds at hitting and are still in the prime areas. You might even get a bit more depending on where you draft. You can also consider shipping some of those acquired picks for even more in the 6-12 rounds to pull in more valuable WR and dig into zero RB candidates. IMHO you move your top 2 picks and net maybe 4-7 more picks in rounds 3-12 combined with other trades and your team is strong. Top end definitely matters, but for me depth is more crucial. Quality depth is fantastic once bye weeks kick in. Just remember to shop in tiers and not ranks!

I know this is likely more than you were looking for and sorry for running my fingers! I hope something in here was helpful. If even as a new consideration regardless of using it. You will likely get folks not liking these takes or even pushing them further, which is my way of saying IDNK if this is right but it is how I look at drafting. Have fun and enjoy your new leagues!

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Hey thanks a lot. The draft has started and I took Herbert in 1st at the 1.06, I traded up from the 1.10 to get him. I took Henry at the 2.03. I’m waiting for my 3.10 pick. All TE’s thru Andrews went off board. TE’s are a premium so 2 pets per reception. I’d like to snag Goeddert at the 3.10. And the take a wr1 in the 4th. At this point though I am thinking about trading my 3.10 to get a 4th and 6th maybe??? The trading is going down really heavy. We have been drafting for 3 days and only at the 3.07. Only 7 RB’s off board that is really different.

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This is draft board as it stands. I am BillyDelyon at the 10 spot.

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I think I’d look at Goedert if he is there. I think he could be in a strong position. Keep in mind that the TE pool will be similar to QB in that there are really just 32 starters. It might be a bit of a reach, but Goedert is pretty much the one left that should have a strong shot at a good season. Especially if folks are going early and often at QB/ TE. It’s tempting to even swing back at QB in the 5th. I’d look at RB in the 4th. WR is deep enough that you can grab a bunch in the 6-12. At least IMHO.

If you think you can still get Goedert with your 4th, a trade back is not a bad idea. Especially if you do not like what’s there. However, TE is tough. I would really consider him if he’s there. If not, then trading back feels pretty safe. But he’s the end of my ‘safe’ TE pool, and frankly even he’s a little iffy with Hurts at QB. In general, though, trading down is a good idea at this point in the draft. I like some value in the 4th and 6th.

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my queue would look like this from pick 3.07 understanding the 1.25 PPR for RB’s:
Calvin Ridley
Austin Eckler
Najee Harris
Ryan Tannehill
Trey Lance
Ja’Marr Chase
Keenan Allen
Jalen Hurts

Hope this helps!


If you are interested started a full PPR Superflex TEP 12 team dynasty start up on Sleeper. $75 a year with $25 going into rolling pot. Just set it up this morning. Got 5 players already. QB, 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 3 flex, 1 Superflex. 4 taxi spots, 15 player bench. Gonna be fun. Guys that are in already are very active.

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