HELP! Ajayi? Hogan?

Who should I start this week? I am so lost! It’s a crazy week 3! Please help!

Matt Ryan or Jimmy G?
Cleveland DST or Balt DST?
Chris hogan or Agholor or Tate?
Jay Ajayi or Aaron Jones?

QB either for me… It’s going to be a shootout in both… Slight lean to jimmy G


Tate or hogan in that order… Not sure how agholor and wentz do together. So give it a game

Jones… Pretty sure ajayi is out this week.

Agree with the above.

Will have to watch the news closely on Ajayi. If Clement is out there and you have someone you can drop for him i would. I’d rather play the Eagles main RB than Jones in his first game back. Ajayi though if he’s in, at least he getting the goaline work this year

i agree with Fr0sty11, but do you have any other options other than jones over ajayi? ajayi is likely out as Frosty said, but jones in his first game back in a 3 headed backfield worries me, so I would lean towards another option. if it is a flex spot i would start hogan over jones and agholor (and ajayi if he’s out, obv)

Ajayi is like 75% chance of being out this week. So Corey would be a good play there.