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Help asap help trade!


Im tradeing Aj green and Ertz FOR TODD GURLY

BTW I HAVE kareem hunt i been wanting HUnt and Todd on the sam team forever SHOULD I plus I HAVE FREEMAN IN CASE




@iTradeful That is so tough! TE like Ertz is just so hard to come by this year. Who are your other WR?



and i might be getting Kelce


i only did this cause people will trade me for a good DEF


if your getting kelce ya id do it if not id hold tight you have a solid team


ok thanks btw yes im getting kelce im getting matt ryan and kelce for 2 DEF thet want


Yes then I would 100% do it!!! solid move!!!


Yay i think this team is gonna be great!


ok i gave the broncos for MAtt ryan and Kelce @Abdullah_Oblongata @ptbomillsy619


ummmmmm yes please! Zero question about that one! well done!!!:rofl:


@iTradeful @ptbomillsy619 would you trade Jordy for

Miller and Kelvin B


Demarco M and Damarious Thomas


lets see your team



RBS: Kamara, CJ Anderson, TY Mont, Gallman
WRS: Julio, Green, Jordy, Watkins, Ted Ginn


hmm ya you can afford to trade a wr id shop nelson and jones see which brings better value for a better rb those options are a coin flip for me you wont be palying either wr unless a bye week and either rb is the same right now houston looks better so id go miller but see what else you can get first