Help at 1.05 in a 10 team .5PPR keeper league

Hey everyone,

I am new to an existing keeper league and have taken over someone else’s team. Luckily, I am keeping Lamar Jackson in the 16th round so I am good at QB.

My issue is I have the 5th pick in the draft (Yahoo, HPPR, Keeper, 1QB,2RB,2WR,1Flex) and several of this year’s first/second round ADP players are unavailable as they are keepers. This list includes Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, Austin Ekeler, and Kenyan Drake.

I’m struggling with my draft position because in my mock drafts I am typically forced to lead off with either Derrick Henry or Dalvin Cook at pick 5, both of which scare the hell out of me with my first pick since Cook is a possible holdout (and injury risk) and I’m not sure if Henry can repeat his late season beastness through a full season (especially when he doesn’t get targets and this is a 0.5PPR league).

Is anyone having the same issue, and if so, what are you doing to mitigate your concerns? I’ve drafted Davante Adams but haven’t ended up liking my RB group when I do that. Am I overthinking Cook at 5? Should I reach on someone like Chubb or Jacobs (not a Mixon believer because of that awful O-line)? Should I try and move backward in the draft order for no compensation (straight-up swap)? Any suggestions or insight will be greatly appreciated!

You are over thinking it for sure. Take Cook at 5.


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Agree with @morestagedives

Do not trade back without compensation. But definitely look into trading down if you can get a deal done and it makes sense. Meaning maybe you trade down in order to draft the last RB in your top tiers.

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@fun4willis, this league has locked down compensation for pre-draft trades. So the only way I would be able to move back or forward in draft order is for a straight-up position swap.

But I’m going to plan on taking Cook unless his holdout status worsens or the draft somehow takes a weird turn and I end up with one of the other top RBs.

Only thing with taking cook is you have to make sure you get Mattison. Otherwise I think it is too much injury risk for your first round pick.

I was listening to Yahoo’s fantasy podcast yesterday and Jason was the guest. He was talking about avoiding risk in the first two rounds because upside is all about the same. However, he said he has drafted cook, even with the risk, Only if he can get Mattison as well

@coltonje44, luckily in my mock drafts I’ve been able to secure mattison every single time in the 9th round.

Should you be committed to that strategy be prepared to take him earlier by the time the draft occurs. I’d suggest doing a mock where you take him in the 6th or 7th just to see how you feel about you team.

If the Cook holdout threat is still present in a few weeks then Mattison ADP will go up.

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@fun4willis that is a great suggestion and I will definitely be doing some more mocks where I take Mattison earlier.