Help at TE streaming

10 team PPR. Neglected TE in draft and hit Clay on waivers. Now stuck streaming. Currently playing Austin Hooper. Choices are Hooper, O’Leary, Miller, Doyle and Dickson.
On a side note, is Clay worth hanging on to? Not sure when he’ll return and how he’ll play when he does. I’d be dropping Snead to keep him.

I would drop Clay. I’d start either Miller or Dickson this week.

I like Miller here.

Miller? With Trubisky at QB seems pretty limited. Only had 8 completions last week and Cohen threw the TD Miller caught.
Seems like Hooper should have a lot more opportunity for receptions and big plays.

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You are right. Though it looks like Sanu is suiting up. If not, Hooper is a good play.

I like O’Leary out of those guys. Miller, Doyle, & Hooper are close seconds

So roughly, two for Miller, one for O’Leary and one for Hooper (myself). Anyone else? The more the better. And thanks for feedback guys.

I like O’Leary this week-

Had more people say Miller on other sites as well. Still pretty skeptical but moving closer towards him.

I vote O’leary.

Think I’m just rolling Hooper. Thanks for advice guys. Anything else to add?