HELP. Bell for Gronk plus

Bell and Jimmy for Gronk and Conner

Damn. That is close. Jimmy Graham is worth absolutely nothing to me. He doesn’t fit the offense at all. he is old and slow and doesn’t get separation and is arguably the 3rd or 4th best red zone weapon on that team behind Adams/Cobb. So to me, this is basically Bell for Conner and Gronk. It depends what your team needs. If you really need RB production now, I could see an argument for taking it. Gronk to me is honestly a league winner and it’s looking more and more like Bell will sit out till week 10.

This is a coin flip for me man. it all depends on your team situation.


I’m with ya. The bell owner is on tilt. I’m in no major need of a Rb with Ingram on the bench. Might just pass. I’m with ya on graham. I’m from Seattle, he can’t run a route.