Help! Bell, Gurley, Hopkins

I’m in a 2PPR Keeper League. I can’t decide which two players to keep between LeVeon Bell, Todd Gurley III, or DeAndre Hopkins. Thoughts? I’m leaning Bell and Gurley, but it’s hard to pass in the #2 PPR received in a 2PPR league.


trade value #'s looking like
68 for TG
65 for LB
70 for DH

If it was me Id take bell n gurley but because i have a hard on for RB’s

If you want to split gurley\hopkins

I could never let Bell walk, he’s been there for me for 4 straight seasons including two titles.

Bell and Gurley for sure.

Hopkins has expected negative regression.

thats tough. if gurley keeps getting 60+ reception years, it has to be gurley. but that 2 PPR makes hopkins pretty damn valuable. young, on a great team, and he has a QB now. me, i would 100% go gurley hopkins. they just have more long term value. but i get not wanting to let go of a player that you got and has dominated for you. changing of the guard has to happen at some point though, and gurley could be your new bell. just some food for thought on that.