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HELP - Big drop decision


Would you drop Martavis Bryant or Emmanual Sanders?

One of them have to go as I need a QB for the week. Its only a 10 team league with 4 bench spots.

suggestions are appreciated


Are those your only two options? If so, Bryant.


That’s a tough one. I’d say sanders goes. Bryant may not be the top WR but Long term his schedule looks more promising to get the score. Good luck.


You could always try to trade one for a decent QB option as well, that way you aren’t just losing a solid WR


I tried a 2 for 1 with so many teams but no one was biting :confused:


Those would definitely be my bottom 2 receivers… again its quite the shallow league. I would’ve like to consider dropping Gillislee but I played him yesterday, and there are definitely more available WR’s than RB’s in free agency. (Parker, Amendola)


I think Denver has the best fantasy playoff Match ups out of anyone… thats why im leaning Sanders, but losing the upside of Bryant is shitty to


It probably doesn’t matter either way with a 4 man bench because there will always be viable options on waivers. Personally, I’d rather have Parker than Bryant anyway.