HELP BIG TIME....Commish SET FINAL week 17

Need any and all thoughts.

I haven’t watched a game in 10 years. My fellow employees asked me to join AND I told them I am novice to fantasy. I got up to speed fast. HUGE 16 team league, half PPR, receivers slightly devalued with scoring. Im in first , 10-1

They hate me for it as the new guy

Commissar set up final for week 17. SINCE I know little about fantasy routines, etc… I need advise.

HOW do I manage my roster if final last week of season. I have never paid attention to whom plays last week of season and have no idea how badly this is going to kill me. SHAME to throw it all away because final on last week of season.

DEEP LEAGUE with defense included. DL, DB, LB.

My first five starters are:

I also have

How should I get ready for this???/ Any thoughts ( I really know nothing about week 17 starters)

Thanks in advance.

The concern with week 17 are the really good teams may have solidified their spot in the playoffs and choose to bench their players. Keep abreast of the standings, see if any team has locked up a certain spot in the playoffs and take it from there.

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thanks…I honestly don’t remember. IF a team has locked playoffs do they typically NOT play their stars at all…zero

You have to just keep rolling with your best players and hope they play week 17. Besides, you have to get there first. I’ve seen plenty of great teams go one and done in fantasy football playoffs.

When this season is over, if you plan on playing in this league again, push HARD to eliminate week 17 championship and if the commish doesn’t budge, don’t bother joining the league because week 17 championship is BS.

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what have you seen.
do players typically play week 17.
should I plan on all playoff teams not starting their starters

If teams are locked into their playoff seedlings, starters typically don’t play much. If they have seeding to fight for, they will go for it. Week 17 leagues are TOUGH

thanks for all the good info…

DOES anyone know if teams that are not doing anything, for example SF, will a guy like Hyde play full game in week 17.

Do teams shut it down at a certain point…especially with their stars???

Tough to say. Teams like the 49ers play hard and want to win games. But they also want to see what they have in players like Breida to see if they can build around them for the future. It’s an evaluation period for bad teams, IE Buffalo starting Peterman last week or the 49ers switching from Beathard to Garopollo at some point. Pay a lot of attention to snap counts and Team reports in the next few weeks. As well as the standings.

All this being said, you have to make it to week 17 so stick with your studs.

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thanks again

WOW. That IS a tough one. It sucks that he set your schedule through week 17 since, as has been mentioned above several times, most teams that are locked in for the Play Offs won’t play their stars and studs since they want to “save” them for the BIG games. They don’t want to take a chance on them getting injured. Which means…very few points for many Fantasy Owners, which means…possible losses. And has also been mentioned above, you have to get to the Play Offs for any of this to matter, and with 6 weeks to go…anything could happen.

One last note…since you’ve not played Fantasy before…in case you didn’t know…one loss AND YOU’RE DONE!!!

Best of luck my friend!!! Stay tough, stay strong!!! AND DON’T PANIC!!!