Help! big trade... need input

I just got offer Bell for D. Thomas and Fournette. I think I should take it…

My RB: Hunt, Fournette, McCaffrey, Martin and DJ
My WR: D. Thomas, M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, G. Tate, TY Hilton and D Parker

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I would make this trade. I like Tate & Hilton. Thomas is an up and down guy these days. He’s not the same guy when Manning was in Denver.

Take the trade. you’re getting the player that 3 weeks ago was the 1 or 2 best player in fantasy. Fournette in a keeper league would be good, but if you want to win now, take Bell. RBs are harder to come by, so do it!

took it. Thank you! now i have to figure out who to start at WR (Tate, Baldwin or Ty) i have M. Thomas and D Parker in right now and i need to pick one more from those three