HELP! Boyd, Gus Bus, Ware


Having problems deciding on TWO:

Tyler Boyd
Gus Bus
Spencer Ware


boyd and gus

I’d go Boyd and Ware. Gus is too TD dependent and is not being used in the passing game, lowering his ppr value a little. Not that Ware is going to be a target monster out of the backfield, but even if he only catches 3 passes that’s 3 more points than Gus is likely to get. Gus and Ware are kind of a toss up IMO, with pass game work being the tiebreaker.

I would also add that Lamar Jackson is still a rookie QB playing on the road which often means turnovers. If the Chiefs turn those turnovers into points which they can easily do, the Ravens could find themselves playing from behind which means Gus will be on the sidelines in favor of Allen/Dixon… just a thought.