HELP Breida or JU JU

Just got offered JU JU and Rashaad Penny for Matt Breida…

leaning toward taking it. What do Ya’ll think, would really appreciate the help

I say no. Who knows when Penny will play, Juju is playing bad with a third string QB and Breida is a beast, on a team that runs the ball all the time.

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I’m nervous about Tevin Coleman though.

This is full PPR btw, Breida doesn’t catch passes really

right but in past weeks San Fran consistently had 2 even sometimes 3 rb’s scoring major points. They have proven they can sustain 2 and Breida will be one. Also, as a Devonta Freeman owner many seasons in the past, I’m not sold on Coleman yet. We know Breida is reliable.

better question, do you have more WR or RB depth?

I’ve got Dalvin Cook and Damien Williams, honestly this is a good point. If one of my guys goes down I’d be screwed. my other WRs are Julio, Godwin, D, Jackson, Tyrell Williams

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I agree with your take on Penny too. As a Hawks fan, I have nooooo faith in Penny becoming the guy unless Carson gets injured. Pete Carroll looooves Carson

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