HELP ! Breida vs. Morris .5 PPR FAAB waiver claim

My RB depth is horrendous and am looking to capitalize on the opportunity in SF.

.5 PPR league and am totally unsure of how much to spend on my $200 budget.

Pros for Morris:

  • Familiar with Shanny’s offense, and has been successful with him in Washington
  • YPC was strong last year, and though is 29 turning 30, he is nowhere near the number where RBs hit the wall.
  • 1st and 2nd down back, with goal-line potential
  • Maybe he gets targets? Who knows it Juszczyk instead of Breida?
  • Brought in pre- McKinnon injury, meaning the needle was trending his way.
  • Breida’s shoulder was separated, and his durability to could be a concern especially if he’s not 100% week 1

Pros for Breida:

  • Flashes ability to be a receiving back but really doesn’t have the college output (nor NFL thus far) to prove him being a stud PPR RB.
  • Much shiftier than Morris
  • Morris appears to be a 2 down back with goal-line floor, Breida could outshine and have a significantly higher ceiling to take touches away from Alf.

That said, the draft occurred on Friday, and waivers are processing tomorrow morning. What percentage (or amount) would you suggest to get for each player, and which would be your priority?

*Note - Last year when Cook went down in Minnesota, McKinnon was added for approximately $50 FAAB, while L. Murray was around $80 for that point in the season, to give a little context to how people view FAAB spending.


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Man i wish this thread took off for you… you laid out some good arguments. I was able to land Alf but our FAAB doesn’t start until week 1 strangely enough, so I cant give you a number. I have been searching topics for the Alf Vs Breida argument. Sounds like you are leaning Alf… he was a top 10 back with Shanny, so I like that upside and he has plenty of tred on his tires. I am worried about Breida’s durability. I think either one will be a decent roster addition and my confidence feels good when they cut Joe Williams. I didn’t help much but good luck with your waivers.