Help! Bye Week Bye-Nanza

I’m pretty stacked for this week, but because of my record (3-4) I just checked my future matchups to see how my team stacks up ROS. And in week 9, I look to be in trouble. Considering trading the guy I’m playing to make it his problem, but I’m not sure what to do so that it won’t mess me up this week. My team is on the right, full ppr. Showing matchup for week 9.
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Would you try and trade for Michael Thomas and Leveon Bell?

I wouldn’t trade Michael Thomas if I had him, but you never know. If you do want Bell I wouldn’t give up much for him considering his situation is murky. As for a bye-pocalypse, I never minded them no matter what my record was. Just getting them all out of the way at once can be better, instead of just losing one good player a week at a time, your lineup will be better when your whole team can be chosen from.

I would just drop D. Freeman and see who is available for week 9. I had a team that was 3-7 a couple years ago but 2nd in points scored in the regular season. Won my league, also had a bye-pocalypse that year, hope things go well whatever you choose to do. It looks to me like you have a better overall team anyway even with the byes.

You’re probably just going to have to take an L next week. You have a pretty solid team and shoudl be able to reach the playoffs.

If you offered me a player i would probably look at their next week not just blindy accept a bunch of BYEs next week. If you think he is dumb then offer the trade on like saturday so it wont go through until after they play this week and you can still use them.

You cna also get rid of reed, no need to have 3 TEs, maybe this guy wants four so throw him in the offer lol