Help! Commissioner advise please

There is a guy in my fantasy league who is new to the game, he is dead last right now after loosing cmc, mostert and some other players in the first weeks. He hasn’t payed attention at his team at all. He doesn’t even pick players from waivers. We have agreed with the other league mates to not invite him again next year.
Now, the guy that’s in first place, trades Zeke and Woods for Mccaffrey. He knew very well the other player didn’t care anymore about his team, so he low balled for cmc.
I’m against vetoing trades, but I wanted to know your opinion on what should be done with this trade.

That’s not that bad of a trade. outside of the guy not paying attention.

I agree Zeke seems worthless now but there is no for sure thing CMC is back 100% healthy and they may split time a bit more with Mike Davis to keep him healthy.

I am first place in a league that I also have woods and Zeke, so maybe that’s the key to winning this year…

I have woods and Zeke- I’m in 6th. So I got rid of Zeke! I’ll Probably spiral.

As for The Commish question- I see what you’re saying and I agree that’s not a horrible trade. I run 2 leagues and I always have 1 person that I have to chase every year and/or keep pushing to not completely give up. Sometimes I suggest getting them a co-manager. So if you have someone that is willing to hop on and co-manage do that. Other times, you gotta be straight up and go that manager and ask what the deal is. It sucks, but as commissioner you gotta do it.

dont get me wrong I am also trying to trade zeke and every Cowboy I own in any league. but just saying the trade isn’t that lopsided. But I agree I would rather have CMC,

I am all for making sure there is a fairness of play aspect. This trade doesn’t seem that far off though. Let this one go, but keep an eye on further trades. Also, go ahead and communicate that if he starts dropping Starting players (1s-2s) that NO-ONE will be allowed to pick up off of waivers or free agency.

That’s a fair trade

Zeke will figure it out and woods is good. CMC could still be out another 1-2 weeks

Thanks to everyone for your advice!

I agree with the majority here in saying that trade could end up being bad for the eventual CMC owner it is hard to say.
Question: is the manager in last place serving up lineups with empty slots? Maybe he just needs more guidance as a first time player in regards to strategy. I think the best approach would be to speak to him and check on his interest in the league in the future. If he has decided it’s just not for him and you have spoken to the rest of the league, maybe everyone can come to an agreement that there will be no trades with him?

He has been starting full lineups every week, but almost all of his starts are often questionable. I think it’s been 70% lack of interest/time and 30% lack of knowledge, after talking with him.

Send me the log in- I’ll co-manage with him!