HELP! Confusing rules in boss's league!

Hey guys, I’ll make this quick, just joined my boss’s league and some of the rules are new to me. Starting 2QBs, each carry is 1/2 a point while a reception is 1 point. Just wondering how this affects my drafting strategy and if anyone has played in a similar league, thanks!

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that… is kinda ridiculous lol. my first stratagy is workhorse backs. guys looking at 300 carries. DJ, bell, gurley, zeke, all become way more important to me to get. they are each looking at about 150 points in carries alone. then players that should get heavy workloads but may not catch a lot are more relevant now. WRs lose a bit of value with this, as PPR does give them better value, but they are still the deepest position and RBs just got a boost to their points. im looking at drafting QBs and RBs for the first 5 rounds probably. RBs first, maybe an elite WR that falls to me, and then QBs. which really just makes me feel dirty talking about not even touching a WR until the 6th round, but man… high usage runners who catch a lot just got HUGE bumps. i hope you draft in the top 3 or 4! cause who ever gets the top RBs is going to have a huge advantage.

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I am in agreement with Mr. @BusterD here! If I were you I would be targeting the heck out of those RBs getting the bulk of ground carries, I’d just include Fournette and Gordon in the above list. However… I just talked to my Boss today about Fantasy football and weirdly he has a wildly similar league!!! Except QBs got .1 point per completion (ridiculous i know). If our bosses are similar he showed me his draft from last year and the first two whole freaking rounds we’re QBs in this twelve player league… it was revolting.

On that note I suggest you have two game plans! One that accommodates for that phenomenon I just mentioned… and the other where you trust the sage advice of the Footballers and subsequently the footclan which would be to go get those RBs getting 200-300carries. I’d be targeting Lynch later too btw!

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I didn’t bring up fournette or Gordon, but I am 100% behind them getting a bump to their draft spot. Anyone that is looking at 200 to 250 Carrie’s is looking at being a scoring monster. Players like lynch as you said and then the top end guys like Kareem hunt, dalvin cook, Jordan howard… so many RBs that I would rather have even over AB. And that’s insane to me to even think about, but AB shouldnt even be in the 1st round anymore. Maybe not even the second. I mean all of these guys are looking at 100-150 point increases just for being a running back who touched the ball. I will say, dont over do it. You still need WRs, and not every running back is looking at being a workhorse who also gets receptions.

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I’m born in the Steel City and I… I can’t believe I agree… Howard in this league would be first round consideration for me and that’s just WILD.

Agree with everything said above. 0.5 points per carry is kind of egregious. I’ve seen 0.25 but 0.5 is way too much. Having the full ppr helps a bit to bump up value of WRs but not enough to offset the 0.5 ppc. As the resident take AB in the top 5 speaker on the forum, this adjusts slightly where I would now be willing to take Saquon, Gordon, Fournette above AB. Howard even starts approaching that conversation tbh although I still probably wouldn’t be able to get myself to do it.

Howard gets a huge bump in this type of format for me. He is a lock for leading that backfield in carries and the 0.5 ppc closes the gap on his lack of catching ability.

The more interesting thing here for you I’m guessing is the 2QB. You can no longer wait on QBs until the double digit rounds. QBs go much faster in 2QB due to simple supply and demand. The way I approach 2QB is I look at the last QB I am willing to draft as my QB2, and then I just make sure I draft one more QB above that at any point in the draft, typically based on value but sometimes if there is a QB run, it is based on necessity. For Example, if Mahomes was the last QB i feel comfortable taking, then I would make sure I grab someone above him like a Stafford or whatever.