Help convincing league to drop Kickers and D/ST

Hello all,

I am looking for some help in formulating an argument for my league to eliminate Kickers and D/STs from starting lineups and adding more Flex spots instead. In our 10 team league our current lineups are:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 Kicker
1 D/ST
6 Bench

As commish, I have suggested to the league in our GroupMe that we removed Kickers and D/ST and add another Flex and also a Superflex. This is a casual league in our 7th year. We don’t put any money down, but we like competing for a custom trophy every year and trash talking our buddies.

I have told them that as commish that my number one priority is to keep the league fun, so I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes that loves researching Kickers and Defenses every week, but the point I made to my league is that people just aren’t doing that. 6/10 league members last year only started 2 different defenses, the bare minimum required to circumvent a bye week. I believe the max different defenses anyone used in our league was 5, which 3 members did. For kickers, roster changes were even less frequent, with the majority of the league only employing 2 to just get around the bye.

My point to them was that what makes fantasy football fun to me is doing research, making tough lineup decisions every week, forming my own opinion on the WR 30-50 and RB 20-40 and picking who I think will do well that week. For kickers (and less so D/ST), I don’t feel like you can get that deep, and all one looks at is the weather. I don’t think anyone in our league grabbed a kicker for one game just cause they had a “good matchup” that week and felt accomplished if they put up 20 points. They are just a set and forget position that I think our league would be better served in removing.

As I said, I have at this point just floated the idea around in our GroupMe chat so that people know it is an option. I won’t have an actual vote on the change til closer to our draft. We did already have a spirited discussion though, with one owner being adamant we keep Kickers because of their randomness and real-world football contributions.

Those that have successfully convinced their leagues to remove Kickers and D/STs, what did you say or explain to your league in order to get them onboard?


Is this redraft?

Few comments:

  • Baby steps. Maybe you can’t make all changes in one year.
    Ex. remove Def first. No body misses them. Maybe more inclined to drop kickers in future.
  • Do you have a bylaw or preexisting rule which dictates what is needed to make changes? If not, a 9 to 1 vote (based on your comment from discussion) in favor of removal would pass. If you require 100% than obviously more difficult.
  • Do your league mates play in multiple leagues? Or just the one? If they play in multiple, tell them to get their Kicker and DST fun in those league. If they are only in the one, than you should find another league to participate in with your desired settings.
  • Assuming redraft and no rule against it, as commish you could just make the change?
  • Open flex position to allow kickers and DST if someone wants to play that position. If they give a reason why they wouldn’t it lends itself to the argument to remove.

id vote in superflex this year, wait to eliminate def next year with adding a idp or two. then getting rid of kickers the following unless you can do both