HELP: Dak or Huntley?

Can I trust Dak or should I roll with Huntley assuming Lamar is out?

Man this one is tough.

I slightly lean Dak just because we have seen him before, despite his struggles recently.

I’m facing the exact same question. I have worked it through in my head & found strong arguments in both directions.

So I think where I’m sitting right now is that I just have to go with Dak & hope he at least gets a couple TD’s in before the Dallas D scores again and/or it turns into another game where DAL is running to sock away the win. We have a much bigger sample size with him. His weapons are better. If it doesn’t work out, I can ultimately sleep ok knowing I rode with that option.

But I would certainly join you in welcoming the opinions of others.

Very well thought out @the2354 and I may roll with Dak for just those reasons. Game script scares me though with Dak and I’m projected to lose by about 10 points after last night (was slightly favored going into last night). The potential upside with Huntley is enticing.

Yeah if you need a swing for the fences play Huntley may be your guy. I chime in again if I decide to pivot myself, hahaha

…meanwhile, I posted my own question about the Miami DST I’d love to get your thoughts on if you have a free moment. Happy Holidays & best of luck this weekend!

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