Help! David Johnson + Chark for Cam + Metcalf

I have been making some serious moves already and my team is off to a great start.
RBs: Jacobs, A Jones, Kenyan, David Johnson, Gibson
WRs: DJ Moore, Kupp, Chark, DJax
My QBs are Brees and Wentz (gross) so I want to upgrade. I think I could get him to do Cam + DK for my DJ + Chark. Is this an upgrade due to my RB depth??

I also could probably get Lamar for DJ + Chark. Which is better?

I mean, Lamar for sure if you can finagle that. Cam is a great option but Lamar is THE top tier.

You’ll definitely want a solid WR3 though if you do that trade, so I’d have eyes open for a good bye week filler.

Wound up not getting either… he traded with someone else. I think he didnt want to make my team any better than it is. Riding Minshew!