Help decided on a keeper

Need to decide a keeper between Alvin Kamara or Odell Beckham Jr.

What kind of league. PPR? Keeper. Dynasty. Does either take away a draft pick?

Sorry for being vague. Its a keeper ppr. Our keepers are from our roster from last year. We all pick our one keeper and then we choose our draft position from a hat and then start the draft. Pretty much the 1st round is taken up by our keepers. We start our draft with the 2nd round

I think I’m understanding. So there’s a good chance that you player you don’t keep you could get back or end up with a “better” pick with your “first” pick.
Tough to go wrong here, but with the amount of WRs out there, I’d keep Kamara, helps that it’s PPR, he should do well there.
Then if you are high enough in the draft you could end up with Kamara and: Bell, Johnson, Elliot, Gurley, etc. That would be killer. Then your left with some great WR to get you started. IMO

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